Qad Kafani ‘ilmu Rabbi (My Lord’s Knowledge Suffices Me)

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Darul Ishaat UK ( House of propagation) was started in 2006 after realising the need and to meet the demand for Islamic books In English.

Darul Ishaat UK is dedicated in presenting to the readers authentic books on wide range of Islamic subjects.


It is for over 50 years now that Darul Ishaat (Karachi Pakistan) is catering to the reading public. It was my revered grandfather, Mufti Muhammad Shafi, who founded Darul Ishaat wat tadrees some 65 years ago at Deoband in India. With the creation pf Pakistan, that publication office was left behind in India and Darul Ishaat was re-established at Karachi by my late father Muhammad Razi Uthumani, because Maulana Mufti Muhaamd Shafi was occupied with Allama Shabbir Ahmad Uthumani in work on the constitution of Pakistan.

Sayyid Sulayman Nadvi performed the opening ceremony of Darul Ishaat along with Mufti Muhammad Shafi in 1950. my father began publications of books on Islam under the able guidance of Mufti Muhammad Shafi although he faced severe trying circumstances.

Gradually, however, Darul Ishaat gained fame because the promoters were sincere in their intentions; soon more than 450 titles were published.

Fifteen years back I decided to venture in to the translation of English books. The great works f our respected elders were thus made available to the English speaking people who had remained deprived of them. By the grace of Allah, we have been able to publish more than 400 titles in English ob varying topics, translated by different people. Many are on the verge of publication and many more are on the translator’s desks. In selecting these titles we have received valuable guidance from scholars and our elders.

At the same time we have also published translations of Arabic works into Urdu and new Urdu titles, we encourage our respected Ulamas in this regard. Besides, we have not neglected rare and out of print books. Among the books we have published and are under variouse stages of publication are works on religious obligations, like Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, Sufism, History, Salah, women’s guidance, like Gift for women and Bahisti Zewar, classical works of Imam Ghazali etc.

In this connection, we have been much encouraged by our friends, patrons, and institutions all over the world. We hope to receive their continued cooperation in this noble cause of disseminating knowledge.

Khalil Ashraf Uthmani
Darul Ishaat (Karachi Pakistan)

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Website answers orientalists

Wednesday, November 30. 2005

An Internet website has through its defense of the Islamic religion against the academic assertions and arguments of the leading Orientalists and Christian missionaries, acquired a formidable reputation. Islamic Awareness boasts an impressive resume with a diverse number of rebuttals and refutations of a high academic standard. The team behind this effort has, over the years, established itself as one of the leading websites in this arena earning them recognition and respect from their rivals and making them a force to be reckoned with.

MSM Saifullah, whose first language is Urdu and the pioneer behind this venture, was propelled into this field whilst visiting the world famous Speakers’ Corner in Marble Arch, London, back in 1997.

“I went with Elias (Karim) to Speakers’ Corner where a Christian missionary put forth a doubt concerning Alexander the Great and Dhul Qurnain. I went to the library the following week and found that what he was saying was false.” He recalled, “[Islamic Awareness] started when I was a student in University and it slowly moved on and ultimately, alhamdulillaah (praise be to Allah), we acquired our domain name (website) in 1998.”

The team initially revolved around three: MSM Saifullah, Elias Karim and Mansur Ahmed, all residing in England. As the years went by, resulting in the work load increasing, others began to forward their help in research and preparation of articles, including notable intellectuals from various Universities around the country and the Middle East. In recent years, additional members have joined the team including Muhammad Ghoniem, currently residing in France but originally from Egypt and responsible for Arabic translations, and a convert to Islam ‘Abdullah David, the proof reader from Scotland.

Being a voluntary organisation, the expenses for the website and research have come from those who have dug deep to contribute what little they can to this noble cause. Mr Saifullah said, “We have some money coming in, most of which is spent on research and getting references and a brother who regularly pays for the website.”

He described the success of the website and its increasing popularity saying, “We get, on average, one hit per minute. A lot of it is directed to the Islamic manuscript, inscriptions and Egyptology section.”

When asked what the most important and rewarding projects the team had participated in, thus far, he immediately answered that the rebuttal articles on Haman of Pharaoh entitled ‘Historical Errors of the Qur’an: Pharaoh and Haman’ and Crucifixion during the time of Moses entitled ‘Crucifixion or ‘Crucifiction’ in Ancient Egypt?’ and remarked, “A lot of hard work has gone into these works.”

Among those academics who have felt the sharp and decisive riposte of Islamic Awareness’ proverbial sword are Christoph Luxenberg, a pseudonymic author from Germany, who claimed that before the emergence of Arabic literature, the principal language of writing was syro-aramäische or Syriac. This lead him to assume that the origins of literary Arabic and the Holy Qur’an must be sought in Aramaic and Christian communities! This assumption was taken further with his claim that Makkah was not an Arab settlement but an Aramaic colony and that the residents of Makkah spoke aramäische-arabische Mischsprache! Luxenberg concludes that the early Muslim scholars, writing about a century and a half after the Prophet, were under the false impression that the Qur’an was written in classical Arabic, thus, did not understand what they were reading!

Likewise, Yehuda D. Nevo, an archaeologist of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, published a paper on research carried out on inscriptions in the Negev desert, from which he concluded that the Qur’an was not compiled until the 9th century attempting to contradict the factual date of the 7th century. Others include Noman Geisler, Dr. A. A. Shorrosh, Toby Lester to name but three.

Islamic Awareness also participated in expanding upon the research conducted and prepared by Abdur-Raheem Green during his famous debate with the Christian missionary Joseph Smith in 1996. And with plans in the works for a possible forthcoming publication, it seems Islamic Awareness will be around for a long time to come as long as the challenge of defending the religion of Islam exists. I for one wish them all the best.

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